Rainer Schaller's Net Worth: Rainer Schaller is a German businessman and entrepreneur. Rainer is also known

Rainer was born on 4 January 1969, in Schlüsselfeld, West Germany. His mother's and father's details are not available

Rainer starts training as a retail salesman, in his native place. He wanted to become a successful businessman. When he i

Then he joints his both market and band business with offered some discount. In 2006, McFit opened 62 studios, with 40,000 members

Rainer becomes director of Lopavent, of Love Parade from 2006 to 2010.  But Love Parade closed in three years. There wa

Another incident is also suspicious, when he was going to Limon from Palenque, Mexico, his family and the route disappeared.

The personal life of Rainer is not described anywhere yet. We have no idea about his girlfriend or wife. He is single still.

Rainer is one of the richest entrepreneurs. His net worth is estimated at $ 1.5 million. His main source of income is his fitne