Love Island star Faye Winter criticises 2022 cast

Faye Winter, a former competitor on Love Island, has voiced her disapproval of the 2022 cast

In the 2021 season of the reality dating program broadcast on ITV2, Faye competed and finished in third place overall with her boyfriend Teddy Soares

The reality star is now concerned about the number of participants who are entering the villa with the purpose of obtaining fame rather than finding true love.

They are already working out the details of the agreement. They are therefore already familiar with the purpose of their visit.

Faye went on to talk about why she didn’t want to work with fast fashion businesses after the program, which is something that a lot of the finalists end up doing after the competition.

Instead, she is a Campaign Star for Guide Dogs UK, a charity that she had previously volunteered for before to entering the villa.

“That is not who I am. And many people told me, “We don’t really know what to do with you.” (We don’t really know what to do with you) Because I have an interest in real estate.

Later on, Faye discussed her past connection with Teddy, saying the following: “I was successful in acquiring my objective and came out with it.