Julia Fox and Kanye West are not dating each other for a few days. Julia Fox and Kayne West breakup officially now. It seems that they split

And Julia had no regression on her decision a little bit. Their breakup news is announced by the “Uncut Gems” star. To know precisely what happened read this post.

When people questioned her weeping, and if she missed Kanye West, she replied, “and for the record the only time I cried in 2022 was on Feb 6th on my dead BFF bday.

Julia finished this relationship by saying it “just wasn’t sustainable.” This relationship is finished in just six weeks as they meet at New Year’s Eve event in Miami.

“I tried my best to make it work,” Julia told New York Times. “I already had a jam-packed life. How do I fit this huge personality into this already full life?

ome news revolved around their relationship and you would like to know why. According to some reports, they both were separated because of their busy schedule as their residents

The distance makes it hard. They are still in touch and will see each other when they can. Kanye really likes her. It’s fair to say that they have cooled off a bit, though.”

She added, “It definitely felt like I was his girlfriend. But it also felt like I was being cast in the role of his girlfriend – and he was casting me. ”