Johnny Depp’s Lawyer Says Actor Would’ve Moved On From Defamation Case

In a recent interview, Camille Vasquez, who is Johnny Depp’s attorney,

The popular American actor, Johnny Depp, filed a legal complaint against his former wife Amber Heard for an article that was published

Earlier this week, Depp’s ex-wife appealed against the settlement amount of $10.35 million, which she is supposed to award Depp as per the verdict declared on June 1

Recently, Camille, who gained massive media attention during the trial of this high-profile case, had a conversation with Gayle King, who is the host of CBS Morning

When the host questioned her, “Is it safe to say if she (Amber) hadn’t appealed (the outcome of the defamation trial), you all would not have appealed either?

She said that Johnny’s legal panel will ‘protect’ him as the legal battle is still on. When she was asked ‘how do you heal’ when ‘both sides are still in court arguing

We hope the court will uphold the verdict, which we think was the right verdict, and allow both parties to move on.”

Most recently, Amber Heard’s attorneys stated that the US court ‘made errors that prevented a just and fair verdict consistent with the First Amendment