Who Is Jerry Lee Lewis?

Jerry Lee Lewis is an American pianist, singer, and songwriter who also has been described as "rock n' roll's first

How Much Jerry Lee Lewis's Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the estimated net worth of Jerry Lee Lewis is around $10 million

Jerry Lee Lewis's Earning Source

the estimated net worth of Jerry Lee Lewis is around $10 million. He gained popularity for successful songs

Jerry Lee Lewis's Early Life

Jerry was born in Ferriday, Louisiana on September 29, 1935, into a poor family. His father used to do farming.

During his early career years, his wedding to his 13-year-old first cousin attracted immense criticism.

Jerry Lee Lewis's Girlfriend

Jerry Lee Lewis's Personal Life

Jerry has been married seven times and had 6 children with his several wives. During his early career years

Jerry Lee Lewis's Biography

In November 1949, he performed for the first time in public. Jerry’s family was very spiritual

Jerry Lee Lewis's Career Beginnings

Jerry Lee Lewis has earned himself good fortune and net worth from his career. Let’s have a look at how he started.

Jerry Lee Lewis's Country Music and Success

By the year 1968, Jerry had become annoyed because of not achieving successful projects with Smash Records.

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