Is Grogu Related To Yoda?

GroguTM and Yoda’sTM species have long been a mystery to Star WarsTM fans. To put it briefly, we have no idea.

Only two other characters in the whole Star Wars canon have been of the same species as Yoda, and both of them have been powerful in the Force.

Yoda was the head of the Jedi OrderTM, so this makes sense. His 900-year career as a Jedi had been his life’s work for much of it.

Only one other adult of Yoda’s species is known to exist. YaddleTM featured in Episode 1: The Phantom MenaceTM, and her name was YaddleTM.

Yoda’s species has lately produced Grogu, a youngster of Yoda’s age. As a newborn, he was able to raise a mudhornTM, do Force-healing, and, on occasion, perform Force-choking.

Grogu looks to be Yoda’s species’ newest member. Even at 50, he has the mental and physical abilities of a newborn.

They referred to him as the Child for the whole first season of The MandalorianTM. The species appears to be sluggish to age, for whatever reason.

Even after his death, he continued to aid Luke SkywalkerTM. All people who came to him for aid with the Force were helped, including ReyTM and Kylo RenTM.