Louis a farmer bodybuilder and American actor is the winner of the IFBB Mr. America title. It also, get popularity

Ferrigno was on November 9, 1951, in Brooklyn, New York. His parents are Victoria and Matt Ferrigno, Matt his father

At an age of 13, he was totally impressed with Hercules star Steve Reeves and moved towards bodybuilding. His beginning

In 1969 he won the title of IFBB Mr. America, and in 1973 he again won IFBB Mr. Universe. Then he shift to Columbus and

After this film Louis got popular. Till now he has not started earning. To fulfill his life leaving needs he worked in a Brooklyn

But previously he had no experience of football so he could not perform well there. Also, he is responsible for breaking the leg of hi

Ferrigno's acting career start in 1977, with The Incredible Hulk as the Hulk and there he meet Bill Bixby,

A short film Trauma Center also done by Ferrigno, give a guest appearance in the CBS show The King of Queens