Dancing With the Stars is a reality show which enters in 31 anniversary, yes now season 31 is aired from 19 September

From season 29 she remain regularly with the show after Tom Bergeron and become the point of critics. Because in the premiere

"Tyra calling out the producers for "messing up" the leaderboard? Ma'am blaming them does not make you look like"

Also, she got experienced a lot from Victoria’s Secret angle, America’s Next Top Model, and America’s Got Talent.

As the new season begins a new group of dancers with their favorite partners start their journey. It was their

In the second episode of season 31 theme was Elvis night. So every couple would have to perform late Elvis hits

Gabby and Val give their performance on “Can’t Help Falling in Love” and their dance was amazing as the song.

Charlie and Mark are next to perform on Elvis hit song “Bossa Nova Baby” and they did justice with the tremendous performance