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Methods of Editing

Venturejolt’s goal is to provide readers with news and analysis that is both credible and balanced in the fields of business, technology, science, politics, and health. You may find out more about how our website is influenced by financial or other external considerations, how to get in touch with us if you have any concerns or comments, and how we choose and evaluate the information and resources that you see on our site in this editorial policy.

In Light of This Policy

Hereafter, “Venturejolt,” “We,” or “Venturejolt” shall refer to Venturejolt, including any entity that we control (for example a subsidiary that we own). When we say “website,” we mean our internet home page at A detailed description of our company, its services, and methods of contact can be found in our website’s “about us” section.

This Editorial Policy applies to Venturejolt. Before continuing on to any site after leaving Venturejolt, make sure you’ve read over their editorial guidelines. No responsibility for the editorial content of other websites may be assumed once you leave ours.

Editorial Decisions Will Be Modified

Minimal changes that do not significantly alter the policy’s overarching goals are possible. When there is a substantial change to the policy that will influence how we handle editorial concerns, we will take care to notify our users. Our websites will be updated as soon as possible if our policy changes.

Methods of Editing

Venturejolt is committed to providing you with news that is both reliable and objective. Venturejolt’s editorial staff is responsible for the curation, development, and upkeep of all published content. As a result, we are very careful to separate our editorial content from anything that could be influenced by our sponsors, including advertisements. We’ve also arranged the website’s operations to keep our educational and promotional efforts distinct from one another from an editorial perspective.

An Assortment of Informational Resources

Everything you see on our site that we didn’t write ourselves or that came from a source whose editorial standards we approved of is original content. The content we generate is written by our in-house writers or by freelance journalists we contract with. Internal editors review all submitted content and ensure it is balanced and aligned with learning objectives. Our third-party editorial content comes from reliable sources like government agencies, non-profits, universities, and major industry players.

Content from other sources is reviewed by our editors for accuracy, fairness, completeness, and timeliness before it is posted on our sites. Spot checks, our preexisting evaluation of probable information sources, and the editorial practises implemented by the information provider are used when a comprehensive study is not possible (for example, in the case of the use of government agency news releases). The content we obtain from third parties has typically been reviewed either by the provider’s own staff or by other experts in the field. Parts of our website feature materials provided by our corporate sponsors and event organizers.

Our editorial process has not been applied to this content, and we make that clear to the user at these points. Venturejolt performs regular reviews of the site’s content to ensure it remains relevant. Any incorrect or out-of-date information is either corrected, moved to an archive (from which it can still be accessed), or removed. Timeliness can be indicated in the editor’s notes.

Facilitating the formation of links to external websites

All around our site you’ll find links to other websites or trademarks of other businesses. We do not recommend or endorse the services or products of the companies whose logos and links appear on our site. We clearly label the area around any emblem or link where our endorsements are made. We attempt to make it evident to you when you are leaving our website for another website so that you are aware of the advertising, editorial policy, privacy policy, and conditions of use that are in force on the new website.

Numbers in Finance and the Role of the Environment

Advertising and sponsorship, such as banner ads, native ads, video ads, and sponsored articles, are increasingly essential to the operation of Venturejolt, as they are to the majority of websites on the Internet. Following are the guidelines we follow when it comes to sponsorship and other business dealings:

When a piece of material is sponsored or paid for by a third party, we clearly label it as such. In addition to advertising costs, commissions on customer sales, and charges depending on the frequency with which visitors use links to other websites, we may receive payments from third parties for advertising that is sponsored by other persons on our website.
Links to other sites, use of trademarks or service marks, or co-branding should not be interpreted as an endorsement of such entities or their products or services unless expressly stated differently.

When we post articles or other materials related to research on our site, we always give credit to the original author and provide details about the publication date and where we found the information. We shall give proper acknowledgment to the original author and any other individuals who played a key role in the development, editing, or other aspects of preparing any information based on case studies, projects, or academic research.

In order to prevent any appearance of bias, we need all contributors to our site to fill out a form identifying any financial or other affiliations that may influence the specific information they give. If the conflicts are significant, we insist that they be disclosed in connection with the data included on our site. Every member of any of our editorial boards is held to the same high standards.


Please let us know if you have any comments, questions, or concerns about our editorial policy or any of our other online properties. Contact us at to get in touch.

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