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Seeking Sister Wife Season 5: What to Expect from the Polygamous Families?

Seeking Sister Wife Season 5

Seeking Sister Wife Season 5

Seeking Sister Wife, the TLC reality show that follows the lives of polygamous families who are looking for a new wife to join their plural marriages is returning for its fifth season and recently released a trailer for the upcoming season. Here is what to expect from the upcoming season.

What is Seeking Sister Wife Season 5 Release Date?

The release date of Seeking Sister Wife season 5 is not revealed. But the filming of season 5 started and it is expected that the season 5 will be released soon.

TLC Releases Teaser for Seeking Sister Wife Season 5

The highly anticipated Seeking Sister Wife season 5 teaser, which follows the Merrifields as they look for another sister wife was released by TLC on Instagram.

When the couple talks about their opinions on polygamy, Garrick emphasizes that some people choose this lifestyle for the wrong reasons. Have a look at the teaser provided below:

Who are the Cast Members in Seeking Sister Wife Season 5?

The Davis and Merrifield families are the families returning for Seeking Sister Wife season 5. One of the new couples is Becky and Justin Ryan, who have chosen to adopt a polyamorous lifestyle after almost thirty years of marriage.

They investigate a relationship with another lady who has a close relationship with Justin, even if their present girlfriend is reluctant to give it her all. This season’s other new pair, Shane and Ashley Salahuddin, are expecting a child and have found a potential sister bride. However, there are still questions since it seems like she could just be seeing Ashley.

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What Will Happen in Seeking Sister Wife Season 5?

The well-liked program follows the lives of polygamous households looking to expand their number of wives in multiple marriages. As the families interact and get to know a possible new member of their tribe, cameras follow them.

In season five of Seeking Sister Wife, some families from previous seasons return, while numerous new families seeking a sister wife are introduced. As envy becomes a powerful influence in their dating life, the forthcoming season explores the complexity of their relationship.

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