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Who is Rebecca Grossman Married to? Meet His Partner!

Who is Rebecca Grossman Married to

Who is Rebecca Grossman Married to

The Los Angeles socialite “Rebecca Grossman” accused of killing two young brothers. She and her husband were photographed walking out of the Van Nuys West Courthouse for the start of jury selection in her murder trial, Wednesday, February 21, 2024.

Rebecca appeared tense as she clutched her husband’s arm while dressed in a modest gray sweater, white button-down shirt, black slacks and a quilted-style bag. Her husband wore a tailored blue suit with a black turtleneck underneath and appeared calm as he took the lead in a quiet show of support, blocking half of his wife’s body.

After that day, there is a curiosity among the community to know about Rebecca’s husband. In this post, we’ll look into Rebecca Grossman’s married life.

Who is Rebecca Grossman Married to?

Rebecca Grossman is married to Dr Peter Grossman. It is not yet confirmed how they met and when they got married. The two co-founded the Grossman Burn Foundation. They have two children – a son and a daughter.

Rebecca Grossman Husband

What is Peter Grossman’s Profession?

Dr. Peter Grossman is a plastic surgeon whose private medical practice is divided between cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and the care of the burn-injured patient. He oversees the Grossman Burn Centers at Bakersfield’s West Hills Hospital and San Joaquin Community Hospital as its medical director.

Dr. Grossman served as the American Burn Association’s Region 9 chairman. His bio says:

“He has been appointed by the United States Department of State as a member of the Health Advisory Committee for the U.S.-Afghan Women’s Council, and has been listed among America’s top surgeons by the Consumer Research Council of America.”

As of yet, this much is known related to Rebecca Grossman’s personal life, below you will read about her case.

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Is Rebecca Grossman Find Guilty?

Rebecca Grossman fatally struck Mark Iskander and his brother Jacob while speeding in the city of Westlake Village on 29 September 2020. 

Data from Grossman’s white Mercedes showed she was travelling at 81mph, slowing to 73mph less than two seconds before a collision that set off her airbags. Before to the incident, she was at a neighboring restaurant with her ex-lover, retired Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Scott Erickson.

After that, she was allegedly speeding at 81 mph while racing her reported lover who was in another car at the time of the fatal collision. Rebecca plowed into the two boys who were walking inside a crosswalk in Westlake Village on Sept. 29, 2020 launching Mark more than 250 feet.

In February 2024, she was found guilty of one felony crime of hit-and-run driving that resulted in death, as well as two charges of second-degree murder and gross vehicular manslaughter. Grossman faces 34 years to life in prison.

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