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Nonbinary Student Nex Benedict’s Autopsy Report Find No Trauma in His Death

Nex Benedict Autopsy Report

Nex Benedict Autopsy Report

We are deeply saddened to share with you that Nonbinary Student “Nex Benedict” passed away. Nex’s death deeply affected the whole community because he died after a fight in the school’s restroom. After Nex’s death, his autopsy report is a topic of concern among the community. In this post, you will find all the details related to Benedict’s death.

What Was Found in Nonbinary Student “Nex Benedict” Autopsy Report?

Nex Benedict identified as nonbinary, died on Feb. 8, 2024, a day after getting into a fight that might have been sparked by bullying about their gender identity.

On Wednesday, February 21, 2024, authorities revealed that the death of 16-year-old nonbinary student Nex Benedict was not caused by injuries sustained in a fight in a school bathroom. 

Owasso police said that a preliminary autopsy report by the medical examiner’s office indicated the Oklahoma teen did not die from trauma. Police said:

“At this time, any further comments on the cause of death are currently pending until toxicology results and other ancillary testing results are received, The official autopsy report will be available at a later date.”

Some days before, Purdue student Neel Acharya passed away, if you want to know what was found in his autopsy report, you can check out our post provided below:

What Did Nex Benedict’s Family Say About His Death?

Nex Benedict’s family said the child was harassed because of her nonbinary identification, but neither the school nor the police have commented on how the fight started. The family said:

“While at Owasso High School, Nex was attacked and assaulted in a bathroom by a group of other student, A day later, the Benedicts’ beautiful child lost their life.”

The police are still looking into the fight, and they said they will give their findings to the district attorney’s office to decide if charges are warranted.

What Happened on the Day of the Fight?

After a fight broke out in the restroom on February 7, 2024, Benedict who used they/them pronouns was able to walk away, but his family took him to the hospital and sent him home that night.

The mother of Benedict said that her kid suffered many facial bruises as a result of an altercation with three older females at Owasso High School. According to the police, two other students and a nearby supervisor intervened and stopped the fight.

Benedict was instructed to go to the hospital after the fight, where they were questioned by law enforcement. After the fight, Benedict spoke to a relative via messaging. When asked what led to the fight, the youngster said they were the targets of school harassment, which escalated into an altercation. Below we provided the screenshot of chats:

Screenshot of Nex and His Family Member’s Chat

The next day, the teen had a “medical emergency” and passed away upon arrival at the hospital. 35th White House Secretary Karine Jean Pierre tweeted:

“Every young person deserves to feel safe and supported at school. Our hearts are with Nex Benedict’s family, their friends, and their entire school community in the wake of this horrific tragedy.”

Have a look at the tweet provided below:

Our condolences are with Nex Benedict’s friends and family members. You can also share your condolences towards his family in the comments section below.

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