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Who is Joe Burrow Sister? Meet His Family

Joe Burrow Sister

Have you ever wondered about the powerhouse family behind Joe Burrow, the NFL’s rising star quarterback? While Joe’s on-field prowess captures headlines, there’s another Burrow making waves off the field—his sister. In this post we will provide information related to his family.

Who is Joe Burrow Sister?

Joe Burrow does not have a sister. He grew up with two brothers, Jamie and Dan Burrow. Joe is the youngest in the family. Both his brothers also played football, but they didn’t get as famous as Joe did in the NFL.

Jamie was the oldest sibling and played football in college for Nebraska. He was known for his strong defense and received awards for his academic achievements.

Dan, the middle brother, also played football at Nebraska and was a standout player. After their football careers, both Jamie and Dan have supported their brother Joe by attending his games and cheering him on.

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Who are Joe Burrow Parents?

Joe Burrow is the pride and joy of his parents, Jimmy and Robin Burrow. His journey to becoming a star is closely connected to the love and encouragement of his parents. They have different experiences that have really helped Joe along the way.

Joe Burrow Father, Jimmy Burrow

Joe Burrow’s father, Jimmy Burrow, has a strong football background. He started playing at the University of Nebraska and even played briefly for the Green Bay Packers in the NFL.

Later, he continued playing in Canada. After his playing days, Jimmy became a coach, working at various colleges, including Washington State, Iowa State, and Nebraska. His extensive football experience surely helped Joe learn a lot about the game from a young age.

Joe Burrow Mother, Robin Burrow

Joe’s mom, Robin Burrow, has been there for him all along, giving him emotional support and making sure he had what he needed, especially when things got tough.

Her role became super important when Joe switched from Ohio State to LSU, which ended up making him a big football star. Robin’s commitment to Joe’s happiness, like doing his laundry and making sure he felt at home, shows how much family support can help an athlete succeed.

Who is Joe Burrow Girlfriend?

Joe Burrow is currently in a relationship with Olivia Holzmacher. They became a couple in August 2017. Soon after, they shared their first photo on Instagram. In that picture, they were snuggled up on the football field at Ohio State University, where they were students. She captioned the photo,

“10/10 … 1 being the best.”

Even though Burrow went to Louisiana State University, Holzmacher stayed at Ohio State for her studies. She focused on data analytics and social sciences. During college, she was part of the Alpha Phi sorority and had a leadership position there.

Holzmacher finished her studies in 2019, which was also the year Burrow achieved big wins like the national championship and the Heisman Trophy while playing for LSU.

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