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Henry Blackaby Obituary: A Legacy of Faith and Discipleship

Henry Blackaby Obituary

The Christian community is saddened by the passing of Henry Blackaby, a revered spiritual leader whose teachings on faith and discipleship will endure for years to come. Blackaby, famous for his influential Bible study “Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God,” died at 88 following a period of declining health.

A Life Dedicated to God’s Work

Henry Blackaby was born on April 15, 1935, in British Columbia, Canada. He dedicated his life to serving God and helping others connect with Him. Blackaby studied English and history at the University of British Columbia for his undergraduate degree.

He continued his theological education at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary (now Gateway Seminary) in California. Blackaby started his pastoral career at Faith Baptist Church in Saskatchewan, Canada, in 1970.

During his time there, the church experienced substantial growth, and he played a key role in establishing new churches in both Canada and California.

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“Experiencing God”: A Global Influence

Blackaby’s famous book, “Experiencing God,” released in 1990, has sold over 7 million copies globally and has been translated into 75+ languages.

Its profound influence on people’s spiritual paths speaks volumes about Blackaby’s dedication to Christianity. Richard, his son, shared the news of his passing with a touching tribute, honoring his father’s legacy and impact on countless spiritual journeys.

A Legacy Beyond Literature

Apart from his literary works, Blackaby’s legacy is shaped by his roles in several Christian organizations, including the North American Mission Board, International Mission Board, Lifeway Christian Resources, and as president of Canadian Baptist Theological College for seven years.

His life exemplified faith, resilience, and commitment, notably demonstrated by his recovery from a heart attack in 2013, followed by significant surgery, yet his spirit remained undeterred.

In 2022, Blackaby’s wife, Marilyn, passed away, marking the end of their remarkable 62-year marriage. Their mutual dedication to God’s work was evident throughout their partnership, and it continues through their five children, all actively involved in various Christian ministries, carrying forward the Blackaby legacy.

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