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Is Vick Hope Pregnant? What Did She Say About Her Pregnancy?

Is Vick Hope Pregnant

In the whirlwind of celebrity news, few questions capture the public’s imagination quite like the speculation around a beloved personality’s potential pregnancy.

Vick Hope, known for her vibrant presence on radio and television, has recently found herself at the center of such speculation. But what is it about Vick Hope that has fans and followers abuzz with curiosity?  In this post, we will provide information related to her pregnancy status.

Is Vick Hope Pregnant in 2024?

Vick Hope has addressed rumors suggesting she is pregnant, confirming that she is not expecting her first child with Calvin Harris. The speculation began after a photo from the 2024 Grammys sparked conversations about her potentially expecting her first child with Calvin Harris.

In one picture, she placed her hand on her stomach, which made people think she might be hinting at being pregnant. Some of her followers mentioned a possible baby bump, and one person even said:

“Wedding band and holding her stomach although a very slim one. Oh a pray this is for real because these 2 are a power couple and this brings me joy.”

However, Vick Hope has clarified that she is not pregnant, quashing the rumors that arose following her appearance at the event. She replied to someone who backed her and requested others to quit discussing women’s bodies. She said:

“Yep just placing my hand on my tummy! I think I was smoothing my dress or checking my post-brekkie bloat or something, but thank you all for all the lovely messages!”

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Who is Vick Hope Husband?

Vick Hope is married to Calvin Harris. The couple officially tied the knot on Sept. 9 at an estate wedding in Alnwick, England. The wedding party happened in a fancy tent filled with lots of greenery and flowers at Hulne Priory, Alnwick, Northumberland.

In May 2022, at the Chelsea Flower Show in London, people noticed Hope wearing a beautiful diamond engagement ring. She was there with Harris. When Hello! Magazine asked if they had picked a wedding date, Hope said she wanted to keep it a secret. Hope told the publication,

“You know what, I was very overwhelmed by the interest in it, but I’m keeping my private life private. I’ve never really experienced this before about my private life, but it’s just for us.”

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