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Chris Jones Wife: Who is the Life Partner of Football Defensive Tackle?

Chris Jones Wife

Chris Jones Wife

Most people characterize Chris Jones as a natural leader on the field and a vivacious guy off the field. Since being taken in the second round of the 2016 NFL Draft, Jones has played with the Chiefs for eight seasons. The 6-foot-6-inch, 300-plus-lb defender is explosive on the football field.

Jones has saved the Chiefs several times with clutch plays. Jones’ pass rush gets all the attention, but he’s also good at stopping the run. Jones has always found ways to halt the run for a loss or small gain, even when he was in a bad position.

Jones may have the finest tackle hands, allowing him to swat aside the opposing guard and get to the signal caller. While a force on the field, the Chiefs star is a simple, fun-loving guy off the field. Everyone wonders who Chris Jones’ wife is. Know about his wife here.

Who is Chris Jones’ Wife?

Sheawna Weathersby is the wife of Chris Jones. She and her spouse have also kept their personal life discreet from the public. Sheawna Weatherby is often caught cheering her husband on from the sidelines of Kansas City Chiefs games.

Chris Jones Wife

Why is Sheawna Weathersby Famous?

Sheawna Weathersby also goes by the name Sheawna Kiara on social media. Her Facebook page says she is from Magee, Mississippi, but her birthdate is uncertain. Weathersby is a social media influencer, model and licensed esthetician which means that she is a skin care professional.

She got a degree from Mississippi State. Weathersby is a certified esthetician and a working professional who specializes in skincare and beauty. In addition, she works as an Instagram model.

The height and weight of Weatherrsby are unconfirmed. Although her precise salary is unknown, rumors suggest that Weatherrsby makes between $40k and $50k annually. Regarding Jones, the talented defensive lineman has accumulated substantial wealth with an approximate current net worth of $50 million.

Weathersby has a sizable fan base and is very active on social media. ‘She She’ is the moniker she goes by on Facebook and Instagram. She seems to be using two separate Facebook profiles and on one of them, she has more than 6.8k followers. Her Instagram page, however, has more than 20,000 followers.

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From When Does Chris Jones & Sheawna Weathersby Dating?

Since neither party has given any information to the media or on their social media activities, there is no precise information available on the couple’s dating history.

It is fair to assume that the pair had been dating for a long time. Given that both of them are graduates of Mississippi State University, the two first may connect while in college.

How Many Kids Does Chris Jones & Sheawn Have?

Along with her work, Sheawna appears to dedicate her life to being a loving mother. Duece, Carson Dakota Jones, and Chris Jones II are the couple’s three children. You can see Chris Jones and Sheawn kids in a post provided below:

After giving birth to her youngest Carson in 2022, Sheawna shared a TikTok video chronicling her first year of motherhood. The celebrity shared a different video of herself wearing her husband’s red jersey at the Super Bowl last year. Additionally, two of her kids had red jerseys on top with the word “Daddy” printed on the back.

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