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Who is Michael Irvin Wife? Meet the Love of His Life

Michael Irvin Wife

In the world of sports, where the glitz and glamour often shine on the athletes, there’s a curiosity about the people who share their lives away from the spotlight. Michael Irvin, a name with football excellence, has his share of the limelight, but what about the person who stands by him through thick and thin?

Who is Michael Irvin Wife?

Michael Irvin is married to Sandy Harrell. The couple has been together for over 33 years. Michael posted on Instagram to celebrate 33 years of marriage and added a caption,

“Here @tphdallas to Thank God for 33yrs of marriage and 38yrs total with the greatest BLESSING and GIFT he has ever BESTOWED on me.”

Their relationship, despite being part of the public eye due to Irvin’s high-profile career, remains relatively private, with Sandy Harrell choosing to keep her personal life away from the media spotlight. They were married in 1990, during Irvin’s third season with the Dallas Cowboys.

When Did Michael Irvin and Sandy Harrell Irvin Meet?

Michael Irvin and Sandy Harrell Irvin first met in the late 1980s, around the time Michael was getting ready to join the highly competitive NFL.

They probably started dating while they were in college before Michael got drafted by the Cowboys in 1988. After being selected in the draft, Michael joined the Dallas Cowboys and became a favorite of Jerry Jones and all the Dallas fans.

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Does Michael and Sandy Harrell Irvin Have Children?

Yes, Michael Irvin and Sandy Harrell Irvin have children. They have three children together: two sons, Michael Jr. and Elijah, and a daughter, Chelsea.

Michael Jr. followed his dad’s path and played college football at the University of Miami. Later, he transferred to Florida Atlantic University. He dreams of playing in the NFL and becoming a Hall of Famer, just like his dad.

Michael Irvin has another child named Myesha Beyonca from a previous relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Felicia Walker. This relationship ended before he married Sandy Harrell Irvin.

Michael shares a post with her daughter Myesha on Instagram.

Michael is a happy grandpa to three cute granddaughters named Brooklyn, Carmen, and Alyah. He often hangs out with them and shares those special moments on his Instagram.

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