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Ed Cooley Wife: Who is Basketball Coach’s Spouse?

Ed Cooley Wife

Ed Cooley Wife

Fans are really curious about who Ed Cooley’s wife is. This post has all the info about his personal life including details about his marriage. Dive into this post to find out everything about Ed Cooley’s wife and satisfy your curiosity about the coach’s family life.

Who is Ed Cooley’s Wife?

Nurys Cooley is the wife of Ed Cooley. Ed Cooley, the college basketball coach has been married to Nurys Cooley for a very long period. They have spent thirty years together. Although the specifics of their meeting are unknown, it is thought to have occurred while Cooley was a student at Stonehill College.

Meanwhile, Nurys studied from 1984 to 1988 at Boston College. A significant and wonderful event between the two happened in 2019 when Nurys graduated from Providence College with a master’s degree. Ed Cooley was honored to present his wife’s degree at her commencement ceremony.

Ed Cooley shared a tweet and said, “Congratulations to my daughter Olivia for graduating from Moses Brown today! I am so proud of the young woman you have become! Love you!!”

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How Did Ed Cooley & His Wife Support Each Other?

Ed Cooley is a well-known figure in collegiate basketball, having contributed to several institutions. Before the 2023–24 season, the coach assumed leadership of the Georgetown Hoyas basketball team following a 12-year tenure at Providence.

After his appointment as Fairfield’s first coach in 2006, Cooley has enjoyed considerable success on the collegiate basketball scene. In two conferences, he won three titles and he was recognized with four honors including Naismith College Coach of the Year.

Given his success as a college basketball player, Nurys, his wife, was a major source of encouragement. John Fanta once shared a tweet and said, “The emotion of Ed Cooley’s wife, Nurys, tells you all you need to know about what this night means for Providence College”

Ed’s life has surely been greatly influenced by Nurys Cooley, who has had a major impact on a number of his decisions. Interestingly, Colley’s decision to leave Providence after 12 seasons was influenced by Nurys. The coach said that one of the reasons he moved to Georgetown was because his wife wanted to live in a metropolis.

Cooley has talked about how important his family is to him and how much he values their help. He has complimented his wife on her strength and tenacity in many interviews, especially when it comes to overcoming health issues.

The coach has also highlighted his wife’s beneficial impact on the family by describing her as an inspiration and a role model for their kids.

How Many Kids Does Ed & Nurys Cooley Have?

Ed & Nurys Cooley have two children. The names of their kids are Olivia and Isaiah. You can see their daughter in a tweet provided below:

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