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Joshua Dating Rumors: Potential Agency Involvement and Fans’ Support

Joshua Dating Rumors

SEVENTEEN’s Joshua upset his fans when an unidentified Chinese internet user shared supposed proof of his rumored dating troubles in August 2023.

The netizen, who spoke out on Wednesday, December 27, 2023, suggested that a modeling agency started the rumors about Joshua’s relationship, making fans very mad.

In August 2023, there were rumors that the SEVENTEEN member was dating a South Korean model named Mi Young. Although there was no official confirmation of the rumors, the idol received a lot of negativity and criticism from some internet users.

The criticism escalated to the point where people started protesting for the idol to leave SEVENTEEN. Joshua and the band’s fans also observed a noticeable change in his appearance during public events.

As the gossip cooled down, a Chinese internet user recently said that a modeling agency called CN Company started the rumors. The user suggested that CN Company used one of their models to create attention for their brand and gain publicity by stirring up controversy.

Earlier, fans got really upset when they found out about this. They were angry, especially when they saw how rumors were hurting the idol’s health and reputation. They used social media, like X (formerly Twitter), to ask for apologies and started trending hashtags to support Joshua.

SEVENTEEN’s Joshua Faces Backlash Over Alleged Orchestrated Dating Rumors

In August, SEVENTEEN’s Joshua faced criticism for supposedly dating someone named Mi Young from South Korea. The rumor started on a Chinese website called Weibo. People speculated about their relationship because of similarities in their clothing and Mi Young attending SEVENTEEN’s Follow to Seoul concert in July.

Because dating rumors can be a touchy subject in the K-pop world, the idol faced a lot of criticism when these rumors came out. People expressed their dislike through protest trucks and online campaigns, demanding that the idol should leave the group.

On the other hand, fans stood up for the idol, pointing out that the idol or his agency hadn’t confirmed the rumors. After the rumors and criticisms quieted down, an anonymous person from China brought the issue back into the spotlight on Wednesday.

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This person shared that the model rumored to be dating Joshua is signed with the modeling agency CN Company. They presented evidence linking the company and the model to support their claim. But, just like the rumors, the idol and his agency didn’t confirm these supposed claims either.

Moreover, a social media user claimed to have discovered that the modeling agency is closely linked to entertainment companies. This made fans think that the agency could easily manipulate Weibo trends and account interactions. The netizen suggested that this could be why dating rumors often begin on Weibo.

So, the person online thinks that CN Company used Joshua to boost their model Mi Young’s popularity. They believe the company created fake dating rumors to get more people interested in Mi Young, helping her gain attention and make money by presenting her as Joshua’s girlfriend.

The scandal made SEVENTEEN’s Joshua face a lot of criticism, causing significant losses for the model and agency. However, new claims suggest that Joshua wasn’t actually involved in the controversy. Upset fans expressed their anger on social media and demanded apologies from those who criticized the idol.

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