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When Will Palworld Unleash Steam Workshop Mods?

Palworld Mods

The Steam Workshop lets fans make their favorite games even better. Now that Palworld is on Steam, players are excited about when they can start adding cool mods to the game.

Will Palworld Support Steam Workshop Mods?

Yes, Palworld is going to allow players to use mods, as mentioned in Steam FAQs and by the developers. Even though the game was initially released without mods, the developers are excited about adding many mods in the future.

The creators of Palworld haven’t told us when the game will officially support mods, but since it’s part of their plan, we can anticipate it coming in 2024.

Here are some other game details we have covered:

Will Palworld Have Mods on Xbox?

Steam’s Workshop handles many PC mods, while Palworld is accessible on Xbox Game Pass and the console. Since the developers are supportive of modding, Xbox players may also find other ways to access mods.

Thunderstore Mod Manager and Curseforge are popular tools for getting and installing add-ons for World of Warcraft. They could also become really important for Palworld’s modding community. If the game developers add a modding store right into the game, that would be great for Xbox players.

While waiting for modding in Palworld, have fun breeding Pals and searching for Lucky Pals, which are like Shiny Pokémon in Palworld. Make sure your Pals stay happy during your adventures and gather enough Cake for the Farm and hunger meters.

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