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Who is Kaitlin Bennett Husband? Meet Her Partner

Kaitlin Bennett Husband

Have you ever wondered about the man behind the controversial media personality Kaitlin Bennett, famously known as the “Kent State Gun Girl”? In this post, you will get all the information related to her personal life.

Who is Kaitlin Bennett Husband?

Kaitlin Bennett is married to Justin Moldow. Justin, like Bennett, is known for his involvement in conservative activism. He is the founder of Liberty Hangout, a platform that describes itself as a libertarian media outlet. Moldow and Bennett often collaborate in their activism and media work.

When Did Kaitlin Bennett and Justin Moldow Get Engaged?

Kaitlin Bennett and Justin Moldow announced their engagement on 5 February 2019. Their engagement was a moment of personal celebration that they shared with their followers on social media.

Kaitlin wrote a caption,

“Kaitlin Moldow has a nice RING to it.”

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When Did Kaitlin Bennett and Justin Moldow Get Married?

Kaitlin Bennett and Justin Moldow got married on March 19th, 2020. Their wedding took place amid the COVID-19 pandemic. They initially engaged in a smaller, ten-person ceremony with immediate family due to restrictions.

Kaitlin shares a post on Instagram and wrote a caption, 

“Even through all the challenges we faced this week, including having our second wedding canceled because of a global pandemic, we were still able to make 1 wedding happen! I’m so happy that everything worked out to end up being a perfect day with the most important people. Now he’s stuck with me forever. I love you, Justin!”

They later celebrated their wedding more extensively in April 2021, following all COVID-19 protocols and with their close friends and family in attendance. On

“A year ago our wedding ceremony in Florida was canceled by the government. We postponed the celebration we planned by a whole year and we settled for a 10 person ceremony with immediate family to at least get married in the Church. This week our day FINALLY came and it turns out it was better that it got canceled. Literally nothing went wrong and I couldn’t have asked for anything more!”

Do Kaitlin Bennett and Justin Moldow Have Kids?

Yes, Kaitlin Bennett and Justin Moldow have two kids. Justin posted a message along with a photo of his kids,

“Two kids in two years! Our second little Saint was born this morning on Gaudete Sunday as we rejoice in the coming of the Lord! How can my heart possibly contain a joy beyond my understanding? Watching my wife birth these blessings is truly an encounter with the divine, as the Word became flesh once more. The most incredible woman I’ve been graced to know, our children are so blessed to have a mother willing to suffer as Christ to love them. Might this incredible gift from God remain true to his calling, alongside his older companion and role model in the faith, and keep alight the flame of Christ. Pray for our beloved child, and pray for our family!” 

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