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Who is Jasmine Crockett Husband? The Man Behind the CEO

Jasmine Crockett Husband

Have you ever wondered about the personal lives of successful entrepreneurs? Meet Jasmine Crockett, the Founder & CEO of Joy Meets Home. However, behind every successful individual often stands a supportive partner. Who is the man sharing her life’s journey? In this post, you will get all the information related to her personal life.

Who is Jasmine Crockett Husband?

Jasmine Crockett’s husband is Marcus Crockett. According to Marcus’ Instagram, He is an entrepreneur who works as a business consultant and real estate investor. The couple tied the knot on August 31, 2013. Jasmine celebrated her 10th anniversary by posting a picture on Instagram and writing a caption,

“Happy anniversary hubby! 10 years married to the love of my life, Bestfriend, partner in everything, amazing father and husband. These 10years have literally flown by and I’m so thankful I get to do life with you each and everyday. We’ve built our family, had many first, traveled the world, many highs and also a few lows but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I love you so so much, here’s to many more years of loving each other.”

Jasmine lives a well-rounded life, handling her job and family responsibilities. She stays connected on social media, sharing posts about her family. On December 30, 2023, Jasmine shared a photo on Instagram, wishing her husband a happy birthday and adding a caption,

“Happy birthday to my hubby, the love of my life and best daddy to our little ones. The one who keeps me laughing with random dance parties and more. It’s so easy to celebrate you and we’re so thankful to have you in our life. Cheers to the best year ever and to another great one ahead. I love you.”

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Do Jasmine Crockett and Marcus Crockett have Kids?

Jasmine Crockett and Marcus Crockett are blessed with two children, a boy named KJ and a daughter named Brooklyn. KJ was six years old as of May 2023, and Brooklyn turned three in December 2023.

You can see a photo of the family that the couple posted on Instagram below.

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