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Ace Family Divorce: Why Did Austin & Catherine McBroom Breakup?

Ace Family Divorce

YouTube’s iconic “The ACE Family,” known for their captivating family vlogs and engaging content, has taken a surprising turn. Austin and Catherine McBroom, the beloved couple behind the channel, have announced their decision to divorce.

This unexpected news has sent ripples across their fanbase and the wider online community. In this article, we’ll explain the reasons for their decision.

Ace Family Divorce

Austin and Catherine McBroom, the couple behind the popular YouTube channel “The ACE Family,” have recently announced their decision to divorce after more than six years of marriage. This news has been shared across multiple media outlets and on their social media platforms.

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Why Did Austin & Catherine McBroom Divorce?

The couple each posted messages on their social media, saying that they’re facing problems they can’t solve and their lives are going in different directions. Catherine shares her thoughts,

“As I start this new year, I will challenge myself in ways that I have never done before. 2024 will be my year of transformative change and with this taking place, one of the steps in my journey is the difficult decision to leave my marriage.”

She continued,

“We have mutually agreed to a divorce and will part amicably. Our paths as a couple have shifted and has created challenges that are irreconcilable. This decision comes with a very heavy heart. As heartbreaking as this is, I also feel liberated. I have spent the past few years prioritizing my children and honoring my commitment to my family; all the while I seemed to be losing myself and my own personal happiness. Our main priority will be to stay united as parents and to continue creating a stable, happy and loving environment for our children.”

Austin felt the same way, saying,

“We have mutually agreed to a divorce but will remain a team when it comes to our kids. We created one of the greatest stories, almost a decade together, so many memories, so many accomplishments but every book comes to end. And now we will be writing a new book as separate authors. We both understand that holding on is believing that there’s only a past and letting go is knowing that there’s a future. And we both are supporting each other’s future.”

He continued,

“This transition is not easy but we both are making it as easy as it can be for our family. We will continue to be the best parents to our kids. Separations are difficult and most times messy but you will see how we push through these difficult times as a unit and keep influencing with love and positivity.”

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