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Are Hall and Makayla Still Together? Relationship Update

Are Hall and Makayla Still Together

In a world where celebrity relationships often become the epicenter of media buzz, the question on everyone’s lips is – are Hall and Makayla still together? Their love story has captured hearts, but has it stood the test of time? In this article, we provide information related to their relationship status.

Are Hall and Makayla Still Together?

As of now, Hall Toledano and Makayla Halstead from “Temptation Island” Season 5 are still together. On December 3, 2023, Hall shared a post with Makayla, confirming that they are together.

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Hall and Makayla Relationship

At the reunion, Makayla had Hall’s back, claiming that Kaitlin doesn’t really know him like she does. After Makayla’s sassy remark, Kaitlin seized the chance to mock the couple on social media for their fast-paced romance.

The Temptation Island Instagram page shared a video from the reunion where Makayla got upset with Kaitlin for speaking against Hall. In the video, Makayla, who is 24 years old, criticizes Kaitlin and Sebastian for not knowing Hall as well as she does.

Kaitlin made a funny comment about Makayla’s video. She got more than 300 likes for saying,

“8 yearsssss.. but she probs knows him better after a week.”

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