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Ausar Thompson Girlfriend: Is He in a Relationship With Someone?

Ausar Thompson Girlfriend

Ausar Thompson Girlfriend

Recently, Ausar Thompson’s girlfriend is a topic of interest among fans. They want to know whether he is dating anyone or not. In this post, you will get all the information related to her life.

Does Ausar Thompson Have a Girlfriend?

No, Ausar Thompson does not have a girlfriend. He is currently single and is focusing on his career. Ausar Thompson is a committed young athlete who loves the game of basketball. He is now working hard to fulfill his ambition of playing in the NBA.

Ausar’s only goals at this crucial juncture in his life are to hone his abilities, elevate his game and make an impression on multiple NBA teams in workouts. Ausar is aware that focusing on a meaningful relationship could take him away from his ultimate goal of getting selected by the NBA.

Ausar is a resolute individual who is willing to put in an endless effort to fulfill his dream of being a professional basketball player.

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Why Did Fans Think Ausar Thompson Have a Girlfriend?

The spotlight was on Ausar Thompson and Amen Thompson before the Detroit Pistons and Houston Rockets game. After being selected in the top five of the 2023 NBA Draft, the twins faced off against each other for the first time. Amen won out as Houston defeated Detroit 136-119 on Monday, January 1, 2024 night.

The two brothers’ twin girlfriends were said to be attending the game and a video of the two ladies wishing the NBA rookies luck went viral on X. The news was provided by Legon Hoops, a parody handle of the actual NBA news account, Legion Hoops.

The picture that went viral turned out to be a fake. You can see the viral video provided below:

The women are the well-known social media influencers, the Cavinder twins, Hanna and Haley. The two have both signed NIL deals with WWE and had previously played basketball. Haley, a Miami Hurricanes player, is allegedly dating Jake Ferguson, a tight end with the Dallas Cowboys. The Thompson brothers created a stir with their matchup. Despite being fake news, it did generate headlines.

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