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Shannon Spake Divorce: The Truth About Her Marriage

Shannon Spake Divorce

In the world of sports broadcasting, where the spotlight often shines on personal life as intensely as professional achievements, the recent news of Shannon Spake’s divorce has caught many by surprise. In this article, you will get all the information related to her love life.

Is Shannon Spake Divorced?

Shannon Spake is not divorced. She has been married to Jerry McSorley since 2008. Shannon and Jerry have been married for more than a decade and appear to have a stable and fulfilling family life. No indications or reports are suggesting that they are planning to divorce.

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Shannon Spake and Jerry McSorley Relationship

Shannon Spake has been married to Jerry McSorley since April 14, 2008. The couple celebrated their wedding at the Augustinian Priory in Ireland following an engagement in Italy, highlighting their shared Irish and Italian heritage.

Shannon and Jerry’s relationship is notable for its strength and stability, particularly in the context of Shannon’s demanding career in sports journalism.

Do Shannon Spake and Jerry McSorley Have Kids?

Shannon Spake and Jerry McSorley are indeed parents. They have twin sons named Brady and Liam, who were born in 2010. Shannon posted on Instagram celebrating 13 years of being a mom and wrote a caption,

“13 years of being your mommy. Thank you for choosing me! I love you sweet boys. Happy birthday.”

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