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Candice King Divorce: What is The Reason Behind Their Separation?

Candice King Divorce

Candice King Divorce

Candice King, known for her roles in popular television series such as “The Vampire Diaries” has been a subject of public interest due to recent developments in her personal life. The actress Candice Accola has garnered attention after news of her divorce.

This significant life event has become a topic of curiosity among fans and the public alike, prompting discussions about the factors surrounding the separation. In this post, we will delve into the circumstances surrounding Candice King’s divorce.

When Did Candice King File For Divorce From Her Husband?

Candice Accola filed for divorce from her husband Joe King on April 29, 2022, after nearly seven years of marriage. They filed due to “irreconcilable differences.”

During an appearance on an episode of iHeartRadio’s Scrubbing In podcast in January 2023, the actress discussed her divorce in public. The actress shared:

“I have some personal … I have really big changes going on in my life, I’ll just say that to keep it very simple. It involves a lot of grief and big changes can have all the feelings.”

As of yet, this much information is available related to Candice King’s divorce.

When Did Candice King & Joe King Get Married?

Candice started dating musician Joe King of “The Fray” after they met at a Super Bowl event in February 2012. Her costar Nina Dobrev introduced them. They became engaged in May 2013 and married on October 18, 2014, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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How Many Kids Does Candice King & Joe King Have?

Candice became stepmother to King’s two daughters from his previous marriage. In January 2016, Candice gave birth to a daughter named “Florence”. In December 2020, Candice gave birth to their second daughter named “Josephine”.

Candice said while announcing her second pregnancy during an August 2020 episode of her Directionally Challenged podcast:

“I feel comfortable and confident enough to discuss it now. I am someone who likes to keep pregnancy to myself and obviously with my partner, my husband and our immediate friends and family until I feel comfortable and confident that I’m in a place in my pregnancy and the baby’s OK and I’m OK, the best it can be, But I’m finally at that place right now, which feels really good.”

You can see Candice’s two beautiful daughters in a post provided below:

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