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Is Alex Bennett Pregnant Now or Just Rumors Taking Place on the Internet?

Is Alex Bennett Pregnant

Is Alex Bennett Pregnant

Recently, Alex Bennett’s pregnancy is a topic of interest among fans. They want to know whether is she pregnant or not. In this post, you will get all the information related to her personal life.

Is Alex Bennett Pregnant?

As of yet, it is not officially confirmed whether Alex Bennett is pregnant or not because she has not shared any news related to her pregnancy recently.

We examined her Instagram and other social media accounts and there was no evidence or indication of a pregnancy. So we have to wait for Alex’s official confirmation.

Alex Bennett

It is essential to believe only verifiable facts and official statements. It is important to respect people’s privacy and hold off on making conclusions and speculating until verified information has been obtained. Below you will read about Alex Bennett’s relationship status.

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Who is Alex Bennett’s Husband?

Alex Bennett is currently single. Graham Bennett is the ex-husband of Alex Bennett. He is the son of Oklahoma City Thunder owner and billionaire Clayton Bennett.

When Alex was twenty years old, she went to a wedding in Oklahoma City and met him. Graham persuaded Alex to move out of Oklahoma after they had been in a long-distance relationship for four years; she called this the nicest thing he had done for her.

In 2019, the couple move to California and be married. Till April of this year things seemed to be looking good between the couple when Alex shared an anniversary video to mark four years since they married. On Instagram, she posted a video full of moments from their time married so far, along with the song “You’re Still The One.” 

But in november a sad news was shared by Alex related to their divorce and below you will read about it.

What Did Alex Bennett Say About Her Divorce?

Alex Bennett revealed that she and her husband had parted ways in an episode of the Mean Girl podcast that aired on November 6 titled “Alex’s relationship status.”

In front of a live audience, co-hosts Alex Bennett and Jordyn Woodruff  talked about the former’s rocky marriage to Graham Bennett, which she disclosed had ended abruptly five months prior. She disclosed that he had told her the following just before he left:

“Whenever you do the episode on our marriage ending, I want you to make me a promise that you will give it everything you’ve got.”

Below you will listen Alex Bennett’s words related to her divorce in a post provided below:

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