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What Happened to Akbar V Daughter? Know The Truth!

What Happened to Akbar V Daughter

What Happened to Akbar V Daughter

People are concerned about Akbar V’s daughter’s health. They want to know what happened to her. In this post, we want to share all the information about how she’s doing. We’ll talk about what’s been happening with her health and give you a clear and detailed update.

What Happened to Akbar V’s Daughter?

Amid the Cardi B battle, American rapper, reality TV personality and social media phenomenon Akbar V made a passionate plea on her Instagram stories to address online bullying.

Akbar V said that her daughter Dora was battling for her life in the hospital and that she did not deserve what she was going through. Akbar’s post has led people to believe it is something serious. You can listen to Akbar V’s words in a tweet provided below:

Akbar V has been also candid in her most recent Instagram posts, sharing that her hospitalized daughter Dora is her “best friend” and is struggling for her life. But the post is now deleted. But internet users spread the posts on social media.

The rapper included a montage of numerous mother-daughter moments in the post including dancing in the street, getting spa treatments together, snapping selfies in front of the mirror and going to the salon. Akbar V praised Dora for being the “best daughter” and for always returning her calls in the caption.

A Mother’s Prayer by K. Michelle served as the soundtrack for the reel. She said:

“We don’t lay down we fight and believe God can’t cry cause I got to be strong for u… I need you to make it through this and when u do ima tell u how I snuck and cried in hospital room when I watch u sleep how my nights was very uneasy watching u lay in that bed.”

She continued by saying how Dora was exactly opposite to her and was humble, kind and a peacemaker. The artist also said that she wanted to convey her sentiments on the post, not because she needed anyone else’s attention.

She included a brief video of Dora making the victory sign in the post along with Nicki Minaj’s song Blessings. She wrote the following as the caption.

“If nothing has humble me today I’m humbled today I change my thought and my heart my past beef my past anger God hear my humble cry I need you this my baby this my only daughter… Don’t do this to me… I surrender God… Help us…”

You can see now deleted posts of Akbar V provided below:

She expressed apologies for all of her conflicts and stated that it was inappropriate to harass her about them at this time. After Akbar V’s daughter’s hospitalization one user tweeted, “Akbar talked bad about Alexis Sky’s daughter and now her daughter is currently fighting for her life in the hospital. one thing about karma, it’s comes back around.”

In response to people who said this was her karma, Akbar V remarked that it would have been karma had she mentioned the latter’s child, but she chose not to.

She went on to say that she would have accepted her karma if her romantic relationship had been at risk, but not while her daughter’s life was at stake. She was shown sobbing uncontrollably in both of the stories, wearing a black hoodie and pleading with people to pardon her and pray for her daughter’s survival.

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Why Was Akbar V’s Daughter Hospitalized?

The reason behind Dora’s hospitalization is not yet known. In addition, she begged everyone to pray for her daughter, declared her surrender to God and asked for all the assistance possible to rescue her one and only child. As of yet, this much is known related to Akbar V’s daughter’s health. 

We hope that she will get well soon. You can also share your well wishes for her in the comments section below. You can follow us on Twitter and check out our latest posts related to these kinds of more topics.

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