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Who is Rashard Mendenhall Wife? Meet His Mystery Partner

Rashard Mendenhall Wife

Are you interested in knowing about the private lives of celebrities, especially those in the sports world? Find out about Rashard Mendenhall, a well-known NFL player, and learn about the woman in his life.  In this post, you will get all the information related to his love life.

Who is Rashard Mendenhall Wife?

Rashard Mendenhall is married to Sandra Mendenhall. Sandra is a health coach, dancer, and choreographer who really loves yoga, reiki, and meditation. You can see her passion for staying healthy on her social media, where she shares lots of yoga and reiki stuff, along with family photos.

Sandra has previously hosted a podcast titled “The Other Side of Now,” where she explored themes of healing and life, sometimes featuring guests like Pamela Anderson.

When Did Rashard and Sandra Get Married?

Rashard and Sandra have known each other since Rashard’s early days in the NFL. Despite their long acquaintance, they took their time before getting married. The couple eventually tied the knot in 2018 in Bermuda.

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Do Rashard and Sandra Have Kids?

Yes, Rashard Mendenhall and Sandra Mendenhall have children. They are parents to three children: a son named Mantis and twin daughters, Sifa and Saganil.

The couple frequently shares photos and moments of their children on their social media platforms, showcasing their family life. Rashard posted a photo of his wife and three kids with a caption,

“These margs are a trip.”

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