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What Happened to Mac Jones? The Patriots’ Quarterback Quandary

What Happened to Mac Jones

The New England Patriots are having a really bad season in 2023. They’ve only won two games by December, and fans are worried it might get even worse. The team’s offense is not doing well, and it seems like they’re going to switch their quarterback from Mac Jones to Bailey Zappe.

This change might mean that Mac Jones is not going to play for the Patriots anymore. It makes us wonder what went wrong for him and how things ended up like this. Let’s take a closer look at Mac Jones and his time with the Patriots.

What Happened to Mac Jones?

Mac Jones, chosen 15th in the 2021 NFL Draft, began his career with the New England Patriots after playing at Alabama. Known more for his mental acumen than physical prowess, Jones had a stellar rookie year.

He led the team to 10 wins in 17 games, threw for 3,801 yards, and scored 22 touchdowns, which earned him a Pro Bowl selection. In 2022, however, Jones’ performance dipped. The Patriots won just six of the 14 games he started.

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This downturn coincided with significant changes within the team, including the departure of the offensive coordinator for the Las Vegas Raiders. Hopes were high that a new offensive coordinator in 2023 would help Jones recapture his earlier success.

But the 2023 season hasn’t seen an upturn. After 11 games, the Patriots’ record is 2-9, and Jones has been struggling, with only 10 touchdowns against 12 interceptions.

As the team prepares to face the Los Angeles Chargers, it appears Jones may be replaced as the starter by Bailey Zappe. This potential change signals that Jones’ time as the leading quarterback for the Patriots could be drawing to a close.

When the team faced the Indianapolis Colts on November 12, 2023, they were already struggling with a lot of losses. When Mac got tackled five times in that game, the coaches had enough and took him out of the starting lineup.

This wasn’t a big surprise. People were already talking about the Patriots making this move before their bye week. Mac said on the Jones and Mego Show on November 14, 2023,

“No. We haven’t talked about that.”

After a short break, the player realized he was no longer in the competition.

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