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Who is Shawn Mullarkey Husband? What Happened With Her?

Shawn Mullarkey Husband

Shawn Mullarkey became famous after a video with the police went viral, but there’s another interesting part of her life that not many know about – her husband. This article takes a closer look at this mysterious partner, giving you a rare glimpse into the life they lead away from the public spotlight.

Who is Shawn Mullarkey Husband?

Shawn Mullarkey has been involved in several legal issues, but there is no specific information available regarding her husband. Most of the information available centers around her legal troubles.

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Why Was Shawn Mullarkey Arrested?

Shawn Mullarkey was arrested by Hinsdale police on June 9, 2022, for various charges, including aggravated DUI (her third such offense), aggravated assault of an officer, and resisting or obstructing a police officer.

Additionally, in June 2022, a Hinsdale police officer served an arrest warrant for domestic violence against her ex-husband, though no further details about her ex-husband were mentioned. The public records do not provide specific information about her current husband if she has one.

Does Shawn Mullarkey Have kids?

Yes, Shawn Mullarkey, who gained public attention due to a viral incident involving the police, appears to have children. During the incident, it was reported that Mullarkey was driving to her house with her children in the back seat when officers approached to arrest her on a warrant charging the domestic battery.​

In the captivating video, she said

“My children are home alone.”

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