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Is Laura Wright General Hospital Star Pregnant in Real Life?

Is Laura Wright Pregnant

Is Laura Wright Pregnant

People are talking about Laura Wright, a soap opera star and wondering if she might be having a baby. They want to know whether is she pregnant or not. In this post, you will get all the information related to her.

Is Laura Wright Pregnant?

No, Laura Wright is not pregnant in 2023 because she has not shared any news related to her pregnancy recently. Have a look at the below Instagram post which indicates that she is not pregnant because there is no indication of a baby bump.

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Does Laura Wright Have Any Kids?

Yes, Laura Wright is the mother of two kids. The names of her kids are Lauren and John. You can see Laura’s daughter in a post provided below:
This year Laura’s son graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Construction Management. She announced this news by sharing a post on Instagram and wrote:
“Yesterday this amazing young man graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Construction Management and will be heading to Aspen this summer on the Whiting-Turner team !!! We are so so proud of you Lj !!!!!!”
Have a look at the post provided below:

Laura loves her son very much. She shared a post on her son’s birthday and captioned it, “My favorite son is 22 and he is home to celebrate!!! I adore you Lj and I love being your mom !!! Now lets go pickle !!”

Who is the Father of Laura Wright’s Kids?

John Wright is the father of Laura Wright’s kids. He is an architect by profession. They got married on 7th October 1995. In April 2016, John Wright and his wife got divorced.

Is Laura Wright in a Relationship After Divorce?

Yes, Laura Wright is in a relationship with her former General Hospital co-star “Wes Ramsey”. They have been together since 2017. This year the couple celebrated their six years of togetherness. On April 28 Laura shared a post with the caption, “How it started. How it’s going Happy 6 years Baby !!!!”

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