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Desmond Ridder Wife: Who is Spouse of American Football Quarterback?

Desmond Ridder Wife

Desmond Ridder Wife

Desmond Kelly Ridder is an American football quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons of the National Football League. His wife is a topic of interest among fans. They want to know with whom is he married and in this post, you will get all the information related to his personal life.

Who is Desmond Ridder’s Wife?

Claire Cornett is the wife of Desmond Ridder. Claire Cornett and her husband are incredibly young. Cornett and Ridder are high school sweethearts and have been dating since 2016. The couple went to the University of Cincinnati, where Cornett got her degree in political science in 2020. Below you will read other details related to their marriage.

When Did Claire Cornett and Desmond Ridder Get Married?

Desmond Ridder, the quarterback for the Falcons and Claire have been dating since 2016. The devoted couple got engaged in 2018. The couple got married in a small ceremony in Gwinnett County on July 15, 2022, after several years of engagement. Family and friends were there to bless and celebrate the marriage.

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Why is Claire Cornett Famous?

Like Desmond, Cornett is a native of Kentucky and they both went to the University of Cincinnati. After completing her studies at Assumption High School in 2017, she went on to the University of Cincinnati to pursue a pre-law degree.

Cornett is a devoted spouse who frequently shows up to encourage her husband during his games. Claire Cornett is renowned for both her brain and attractiveness. Claire Cornett is a 23-year-old woman who stands at 5 feet 10 inches, or 178 cm, tall. You can see her beautiful looks in a post provided below:

Claire has four years of experience in sales and is presently employed by Max Retail. Greg and Anita Martin Cornett are Claire’s parents. Her parents are no longer together and are seeing other people. There isn’t any additional information accessible about them.

Claire’s Instagram account boasts more than 5,000 followers and the username of her account is @claire.ridder. She posts pictures and videos of her and Desmond’s life together on social media, where she is quite active.

How Many Kids Does Claire Cornett and Desmond Ridder Have?

Leighton Elizabeth Ridder, a daughter of Desmond Ridder and his wife Claire Cornett was born in April 2021. As a loving parent, Ridder enjoys spending time with his daughter. He posts pictures and videos of her on social media rather frequently. You can see their daughter in a post provided below:

Who are the Parents of Desmond Ridder?

Sarah, his mother was only 15 years old when Ridder was born. With the assistance of his grandma Jan, he was reared by his mother. The NFL quarterback talked about his bond with his mother, stating:

“We were able to guide each other. It was open and free. I’m not going to say there wasn’t strictness and parenting, but a lot of things she let me learn on my own. She was always going to be there, but you don’t always have to ask for help. She let me be independent but guided me when I needed it.”

You can see Desmond Ridder’s family members in a post provided below:

Ridder never had contact with his father. Sarah did, however, remarry and he has known his stepfather since he was five years old. Tia is Ridder’s half-sister as well. She is currently a student at Cornett’s former high school. As a varsity softball player, Tia hopes to continue her athletic career, carrying on her brother’s legacy.

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