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Tyrus Wife: Who is The Spouse of Professional Wrestler?

Tyrus Wife

Tyrus Wife

George Murdoch professionally known as Tyrus is an American cable news personality, actor and former professional wrestler. There is a curiosity among his fans related to his personal life. They want to know with whom is Tyrus married and in this post, you will get all the information related to it.

Who is the Wife of Tyrus?

Ingrid Rinck is the wife of Tyrus. Recently Ingrid shared a post on Instagram with Tyrus and wrote in a caption, “What a lovely day I was able to spend with my husband @tyrussmash as he filmed with Fox News Channel recognizing real American heroes”

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How Many Kids Do Tyrus & Ingrid Rinck Have?

Ingrid Rinck is the mother of three kids. Ingrid has Two sons “Rhett and Rock” from a prior relationship and a daughter named Georgie, whom she welcomed with Murdoch in 2014.

The boys’ exact ages are unknown, but Rinck has recently shared a number of their developmental milestones online, suggesting that they are relatively close in age. She disclosed in May 2021 that Rock got his first car for his 16th birthday.

Rinck informed her later that same month that Rhett had graduated from Mandeville High School. You can see her kids in a post provided below:

Why is Ingrid Rinck Famous?

Ingrid Rinck is a fitness mogul. She has been passionate about wellness since she was 15 and is an entrepreneur in the health and wellness industry. You can see her beautiful looks in a post provided below:

Born on April 24, 1981, Ingrid Rinck is a mysterious individual with scant information about her early years accessible. One of the most important people in her life was her father, Gary Rinck, a former restaurant owner. Together, they worked on Rinck Packaging, a facility that supplied meal prep.

When Ingrid took a fitness class at the age of 15, her interest in health and wellness was sparked. After a year, she got more than 40 certifications, completed over 20 years of fitness training and started teaching the same class.

When Ingrid’s son Rock was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2014, her life took a drastic turn. This inspired her to start cooking for Rock, which finally resulted in the creation of a company.

She founded Sensible Meals, a successful company that specialized in portion-controlled meals. Sensible Meals aside, Ingrid introduced “The Rinck Routine” in January 2021, further expanding her fitness empire. Ingrid’s goal was to return to her fitness and dance roots with this virtual workout class that included yoga, Pilates and dance.

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