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Who is Tamar Braxton Engaged to? A Look At Her Relationship Status

Tamar Braxton Engaged to

Tamar Braxton is a singer, songwriter, actress, and TV star from America. She loved singing since she was little and started singing backup for her sister when she was 12. She always wanted to be a singer, and her dream came true when she and her sisters made a singing group called ‘The Braxtons’ and put out their first album.

Besides her career, people are curious about her love life. In this article, we will provide you with information about her personal life.

Who is Tamar Braxton Engaged to?

The star of “The Braxton Family Values” got engaged to Jeremy “JR” Robinson in the final episode of the Peacock dating show “Queens Court.” He’s a lawyer born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Now, he lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and has a company named JR Law Group. However, it’s important to note that the couple broke up.

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Why Did Tamar Braxton and Jeremy ‘JR’ Robinson Break Up?

On Monday, JR shared on social media that he and Tamar Braxton, the star of Braxton Family Values, are not together anymore. They had gotten engaged on the last episode of the reality series on Peacock in March.

He wrote in a statement on his Instagram Story,

“So many questions. So many assumptions. I want to answer all that I can with respect. Yes, Tamar and I are no longer together. I ended the relationship to focus on getting back to positive energy & being a better person.”

She added,

“No. I never cheated. No. I wasn’t there when she was at her mother’s place when her car was burglarized. No, I never cared about fame. Who reveals their most embarrassing moments in their life to find fame. The truth is I was in an amazing place financially and mentally. I turned down Queens [Court] several times before I gave in. Ultimately, I fell in love and it did not end how I wanted it.”

He finished his message by saying he wanted to feel better after the breakup. He also said,

“Tamar and I will always be friends and family for life. Thank you for respecting our privacy.”

Below, we provided the screenshot of his Instagram Story.

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