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Who is Jimmy Garoppolo Girlfriend 2023? Is He Dating Anyone?

Jimmy Garoppolo Girlfriend 2023
Jimmy Garoppolo (Born on November 2, 1991) is an American football quarterback who plays football for the Las Vegas Raiders in the National Football League (NFL). He has garnered as much attention for his personal life as his professional achievements.
He has been linked to several women in the past, but he has never confirmed any of them as his girlfriend. As of 2023, Jimmy G seems to be single and focused on his football career, but there are some rumors that he might have a new lady in his life. Here is everything we know about Jimmy Garoppolo’s girlfriend in 2023.

Who is Jimmy Garoppolo Girlfriend?

Currently, Jimmy Garoppolo claims that he’s not in a relationship and is supposedly single. But there are rumors connecting him to Alexandra King and Kiara Mia. Jimmy likes to keep his personal life private and doesn’t want it to be a big deal in the news.

Garoppolo and Alexandra King reportedly started dating in 2017 when he played for the New England Patriots. It seems they’re not dating anymore. Even when they were together, Jimmy preferred to keep their relationship private. However, in February 2018, Alexandra posted a Valentine’s Day message with Jimmy as her ‘valentine,’ sparking more rumors that Jimmy has occasionally denied.

Is Jimmy Garoppolo Married?

Jimmy Garoppolo is still not married and seems content being single. His dating history is not well-known, and he has kept most of his relationships private. The popular quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers is still looking for the right person for him.

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Jimmy Garoppolo Past Relationship

Jimmy Garoppolo and Alexandra King Relationship

In 2017, there were rumors that Jimmy was romantically involved with Alexandra King, and some said they had been dating for a while. In 2018, Alexandra posted a Valentine’s Day photo with Jimmy, calling him her ‘valentine,’ but she later deleted the post.

The couple was seen together at Disneyland a month later, showing affection like kissing and holding hands. However, in an interview with Bleacher Report, Jimmy insisted their relationship was just a casual friendship and denied any romantic involvement.

Although Jimmy didn’t share anything about Alexandra on his social media, Alexandra didn’t mind doing so. In July 2018, things took a turn when Jimmy was spotted having dinner with ad*lt film star Kiara Mia. This caused a rift in Jimmy and Alexandra’s relationship, leading to their breakup.

Alexandra removed all their photos from her Instagram. Later that year, Jimmy suffered a season-ending ACL injury. Alexandra posted an Instagram story with the caption ‘karma,’ seemingly throwing shade at him and implying he deserved the injury for leaving her for another woman.

49ers Webzone shares a tweet about his Instagram story:

Jimmy Garoppolo and Kiara Mia Relationship

NFL star Jimmy Garoppolo and Kiara Mia were spotted having dinner in Beverly Hills in 2018. This happened shortly after Garoppolo signed a huge $137 million contract with the San Francisco 49ers, becoming the highest-paid NFL player at the time.

They looked happy during their meal, and after finishing, they left the restaurant together with smiles on their faces. This event reportedly led to Garoppolo breaking up with Alexandra King. However, both Garoppolo and Mia have denied the rumors.

In an interview, Mia said they met as friends and had no romantic relationship. It’s worth noting that there is a significant age difference between them, with Garoppolo being 26 and Mia being 41 years old.

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