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Is Quad Webb Pregnant in 2023 or Just Fans Assumptions?

Quad Webb Pregnant

Quad Webb Pregnant

American celebrity Quad Webb is multi-talented and has appeared on several media platforms. Her most well-known part was in the reality show “Married to Medicine” on Bravo TV. Her admirers are unsure as to whether or not she is pregnant. You will know the truth in this post.

Is Quad Webb Pregnant in 2023?

As of November 6, 2023, Quad Webb has not made any public announcement about her pregnancy. The rumors of her pregnancy have been circulating on social media, but there is no official confirmation or evidence to support them.

Speculation regarding her pregnancy began after the discovery of several of Quad’s photos in which her body posture appears to have changed from before. Below we provided her latest Instagram post in which it appears that her body posture changed from before.

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How Many Kids Does Quad Webb Have?

Quad Webb is the mother of three kids. However, none of them are biologically hers. Quad Webb welcomed a baby girl named Ariana (fondly called Ari) into her life in 2020.

During an Instagram Live chat in May 2020, Quad said that she and her mother were thrilled to have a new baby. After Ariana’s birth on April 8, the reality star told that she had not “adopted” the little girl, who is affectionately known as “Ari.”

She instead said that Ari was her brother’s daughter and she and her sister-in-law were raising her together. Quad said that her brother and his wife were having a hard time and needed her help because they had just had a baby.

Quad agreed to help them because she had always wanted to be a mom. She became like a mom to Ari. She told that she loved Ari like a daughter and she was a blessing to her family.

Quad shared some adorable photos and videos of Ari on her social media account. On her third birthday, Quad shared a post with the caption, “Wow, I can’t believe my baby is 3 years old today! I remember you falling to sleep laying on my chest. Ari you’re so special to me.”

Quad shocked her friends in October 2020 when she told them she had another child, a son named Mason who is her nephew and the son of her late brother Quentin. She took them in after her brother died from complications of the heart in 2020.

She said that he was her nephew and that she loved him very much. Quad also said that Mason wasn’t her only son and that she had another son called Christian. However, she did not show any pictures of Christian but did say that he was healthy and pretty.

Quad said she was glad to have three kids because they made her happy and calm. She said that she was thankful that God had given her the chance to be a mother and that she was doing her best to raise them well.

Also, she thanked her fans for their prayers and support and asked them to please keep her and her family’s secrets safe. Without a doubt, the “Married to Medicine” star had always wanted to have a child and this was her dream come true.

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