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Who is Kirk Erbstreit Wife? Meer His Life Partner!

Kirk Erbstreit Wife

Kirk Erbstreit Wife

Kirk Herbstreit, a former quarterback for Ohio State and a veteran ESPN analyst turned 53 on August 19, 2023. He is an American sportscaster and former college football player. His fans want to know about his wife and you can find all the details about his personal life in this post.

Who is Kirk Herbstreit’s Wife?

Alison Butler is the wife of Kirk Herbstreit for the past 23 years. She has been a constant source of encouragement for him all through his years as a sportscaster. Herbstreit prefers to keep his relationship with his wife Allison a secret in terms of his life away from the cameras.

Why is Alison Butler Famous?

Alison Butler is much more than just a prominent television personality’s significant other. Throughout her tenure, she managed the Ohio State football team’s cheerleading squad and was a standout cheerleader.

Throughout her academic career, Butler was recognized for her bravery, assiduity and professionalism. She works as a certified homemaker now and stays out of the public.

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When Did Kirk Herbstreit & Alison Butler Meet?

Allison Butler and Kirk Herbstreit met and fell in love while they were both enrolled at The Ohio State University. They have helped each other through the ups and downs of life ever since they tied the knot.

Who are the Kids of Kirk Herbstreit?

Kirk and Allison have four kids together. His sons all share their father’s love of sports. Jake and Tye Herbstreit, twins, were born to Alison in 2000. Zak and Chase Herbstreit born in 2003 and 2006, respectively.

Zak Herbstreit carried on the family legacy as a highly anticipated walk-on for the 2021 Ohio State football team. Herbstreit is the third person in his father’s line to play football for Ohio State.

Tye Herbstreit grew up in Nashville, Tennessee, with his three siblings. His redshirt year is his second year and he has already played in five games.

He went to school for marketing and was on the ACC Honor Roll three times. In 2021, his first game of the season was against South Carolina State. Over the course of three games, he played in 11 offensive plays.

You can see Kirk’s kids’ in a post provided below:

Chase is currently a sophomore at St. Xavier High School in Cincinnati. This past season, he piloted the Bombers’ rookie squad to a division championship in the Greater Catholic League.

Chase is set on joining the Ohio State Buckeyes and following in his father’s footsteps as a quarterback for the team. Until the completion of his time in preparatory school, Jake was a student at Montgomery Bell Academy. He became interested in journalism after interning on the Pat McAfee Show.

Kirk Herbstreit posted a heartfelt Instagram message to his wife and other mothers on this year’s Mother’s Day. He wrote, “Moms! So grateful for all you do, There’s not a bigger more important job in America than a loving Mother.”

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