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Jeleel Nitro Circus Accident: Is He Fine Now?



Jeleel appeared at a Nitro Circus event at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California on Sunday, October 29. A small incident hapened during the event and in this post, you will get all the information related to this accident.

How Did the Jeleel Accident Happen?

Over the weekend at a Nitro Circus event, Jeleel fell over the top of a 40-foot ramp. As part of their 20th anniversary tour, the stunt group held an event in Anaheim, California on Sunday, October 29, at which the 2023 HipHopDX Rising Star performed as a guest.

The rapper, who was born in Rhode Island, tried to ride a tricycle down the “Mega Ramp,” but he ended up swerving off the side and landed on the hard floor. The crowd sent out gasps of astonishment.

Before someone came over to see how Jeleel!, who was wearing gloves and a helmet lay still in an uncomfortable posture for a few moments. See the accident in a post provided below:

Is Jeleel Fine Now?

JELEEL! announced on social media later that night that he was doing fine. He said on Instagram alongside a picture of his wounds, “I’m good y’all! Appreciate everyone’s concerns, walked out the hospital with a few stitches! Alhumdullilah!”

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How Did Jeleel’s Loved Ones React to His Accident?

Jeleel’s accident shocked his fans and his loved ones shared good wishes on social media. Yeter Be Kardesim tweeted, “I hope he’s okay.”

Fear Buck tweeted, “another angle of jeleel falling off the ramp.”

Michael R. Quinn wrote, “this Jeleel fall is crazy, hate bro music but hope he alright.” 

When Jeleel announced the news of his good condition,  Nitro Circus officially tweeted, “Happy to report that Jeleel is doing okay”.

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