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What Happened to John Gotti “An American Gangster”?

john gotti

john gotti

The full name of John Gotti is John Joseph Gotti Jr. and was an American gangster and boss of the Gambino crime family in New York City. Recently the question “What Happened to John Gotti?” has been buzzing on social media and in this post, you will know the truth.

What Happened to John Gotti?

John Gotti passed away on June 10, 2002. A new Netflix documentary series called “Get Gotti” has sparked new interest in John Gotti’s cause of death. Have a look at the trailer of the documentary in a tweet provided below:

In the below paragraphs, you will know the reason behind his death.

What is John Gotti’s Cause of Death?

His death came while he was imprisoned, grappling with throat cancer. Below we shared a tweet that confirmed the reason for his death:

Gotti spent most of his life in prison after being found guilty in 1992 and given a life sentence. In 1998, he was moved to the US Medical Center for Federal Prisoners in Springfield, Missouri, after being told he had throat cancer.

The first surgery to remove the growth was successful, but cancer came back within two years. The state of Gotti’s health got much worse and he died in 2002.

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At What Age Did John Gotti Die?

John Gotti was born on October 27, 1940 in the Bronx borough of New York City and passed away on June 10, 2002 at the age of 61 years. He was the fifth child born to John Joseph Gotti Sr. and Philomena “Fannie” DeCarlo; two had passed away in infancy.

At the age of twelve, Gotti joined street gangs connected to the mafia in New York City. He suffered a lifelong limp at the age of 14 after he tried to steal a cement mixer from a building site and it collapsed on his toes.

john gotti

He committed himself to working with the Mafia-affiliated Fulton-Rockaway Boys gang after dropping out of school, where he made friends with Wilfred “Willie Boy” Johnson and fellow future Gambino mobster Angelo Ruggiero.

In 1958, Gotti went to a club where he met Victoria DiGiorgio, his future wife, who was half-Russian and half-Italian. The marriage took place on March 6, 1962. Based on FBI records, DiGiorgio was previously married and had a child from that marriage.

Angela, Victoria, John Jr., Frank and Peter were their five children. In 1962, Gotti made two attempts to obtain legal employment: as an assistant truck driver and as a presser in a coat factory. But he was unable to remain crime-free and by 1966, he had served two jail terms.

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