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Marilyn Katz Obituary: In Honor of Chicago Progressive Activist

Marilyn Katz

Marilyn Katz

We are deeply saddened to share with you that Marilyn Katz Chicago progressive activist has passed away. In this post, you will get all the information related to her life and death.

Marilyn Katz Obituary: An Enduring Tribute to Beautiful Soul

Marilyn Katz’s death deeply affected her fans and they shared their condolences toward her family and tributes to her on social media. Bob Hercules posted, “Today I lost my dear friend and colleague, Marilyn Katz. Her life story was amazing. Rest in Peace, Marilyn.”

Peter Cunningham wrote, “Just heard that my good friend and long-time communications colleague Marilyn Katz passed away. Condolences to her husband Scott Chambers and her two children, Callie and Grady. RIP Marilyn.”

Daniel Millstone posted on Facebook, “Many friends are now reporting the death of Marilyn Katz of Chicago with whom many of us worked and played in the Students for a Democratic Society.”

Diane Abt wrote, “Condolences to Scott, Grady and Haley. May her memory be a blessing.”

Jennifer Miller wrote, “We lost a wonderful, powerful woman today! Marilyn Katz died. However, her fighting spirit continues!”

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Marilyn Katz’s Role in the 1968 DNC Protests

Marilyn Katz stepped into the national spotlight while leading protests against the 1968 Democratic National Convention. When protesters and police battled in 1968, Katz was at the epicenter of history. In 2018, she recalled:

“In a steady, steady procession, cops with night sticks, tear gas just spewing all over the place towards the demonstrators.”

Katz said she regretted the violence during the DNC’s 50th anniversary and those protests, but not what the entire world saw. She said:

“There’s an integrity and honesty that, and a rightness about the issues, that lasts ’til today, If you stand for something and know what you’re doing, then the arc of history usually proves you right.”

Marilyn Katz

It was only one of many pivotal times in a life committed to social justice and activism. Working in Harold Washington’s campaign in 1983, Katz contributed to the election of the city’s first Black mayor.

Additionally, she assisted in organizing anti-Iraq War demonstrations in Chicago in 2002, where a teenage Barack Obama discovered his passion for a cause that would eventually help him win the presidency. As a senator from the United States, Katz would later work for Obama but she left us.

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