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Lisa Desjardins Illness: What Caused Her to Wear an Eye Patch?

Lisa Desjardins Illness

Lisa Desjardins Illness

Lisa Desjardins is a well-known PBS NewsHour correspondent and American political journalist. Desjardins unnerved the audience on September 30, 2021, when she wore an eye patch on her PBS show.

Lisa Desjardins Illness

There have been no updates on Lisa Desjardins’ health since the car door incident that resulted in her wearing an eye patch. Her work and private life are both flourishing, and she is in great physical shape.

Desjardins tweeted and told her supporters that they would be seeing her on the broadcast with an eye patch, but it didn’t stop many of them from worrying about the news anchor’s well-being.

The tweet read: 

“Tonight on @NewsHour – we are doing a deep dive on Sen. @JoeManchin and @SenatorSinema – went to Manchin’s hometown and around Arizona. Also, heads up, I will be wearing an eyepatch. Will explain later.”

Check out the tweet:

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How Do Fans React On Lisa’s Eye Patch?

After the newscast, several viewers discussed the news anchor’s new look on Twitter, with many tweeting their approval.

Someone mused:

“She told me that she’s leaving the News Hour to become a pirate, Good luck, Lisa!”

A second participant said:

“Tonight’s PBS newshour broadcast inspired us. For Halloween this year my wife is going as Lisa Desjardins with her patriotic journalistic super hero fashion eye patch and I am going as her cat. Wishing @LisaDNews a full and speedy recovery!”

Take a look at below tweet:

An eye patch, as one of your followers pointed out, can also be the next big thing in fashion, what with even Gucci making their own.

Who Is Lisa Desjardins’s Husband?

She is married to Jason Desjardins and has a son. Jason Desjardins, Lisa’s husband, founded Incubation Studios in 2006 and serves as its chief storyteller. Since 1992, he has also worked as a full-time manager at Market Basket. As of the 13th of July, 2022, a Chief Storyteller in the United States may expect to earn a median yearly pay of $88,558.

After 15 years in the company, Jason has established himself financially. The estimated wealth of Jason Desjardins is $1.5 million. He spent the prior four years at BzzAgent in the capacity of agent.

As Lisa Desjardins’s spouse, Jason Desjardins has gained notoriety. His exact age is unknown at this time. Outwardly, he appears to be 52 years old. In 1994, he completed his high school education at Concord Senior High. His background and family history are a complete mystery.

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