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Social Repose Controversy: Explore The Secret of His Affair!

Social Repose

Social Repose

A singer-songwriter and YouTube star named Social Repose has been in a number of scandals over the years. His unique outfit which includes face paint, automatic wings and a hat that looks like a Native American war bonnet, makes him stand out.

He has also been blamed for cheating on his ex-girlfriend. In this post, you will get the information in brief.

How Did Social Repose Cheat on His Ex-Girlfriend Jaclyn Glenn?

His cheating on his ex-girlfriend YouTuber “Jaclyn Glenn” was one of the most well-known issues he had to deal with. In November 2017, Jaclyn put up a video called “I’m an idiot” in which she said Social Repose had cheated on her with other women more than once.

She also showed screenshots of his texts and notes that proved he was cheating on her. She told him that what he did made her feel betr_yed, ashamed and sad.

Social Repose & Glenn

In an apology video, Social Repose said he was sorry, that he had “f_cked up” and that he had “deep-seated issues.” In order to explain his actions, he also said that Jaclyn loved him too much and made him feel smothered.

The public was to blame for making things worse and he said that the drama was costing him members and views. A lot of people said that his video was fake, self-centered and dishonest.

People saw this as a desperate attempt to get his fans to feel sorry for him and pay attention to him. Below you will read with how many girls he was dating.

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With How Many Girls Did Social Repose Date in His Life?

Social Repose has dated two well-known YouTubers in the past. Both of them have accused him of cheating on them and lying to them.

Jaycee Glenn

In 2016, she began dating Social Repose. They were in a lot of videos together and even made a video to be married. But they didn’t really get married. They ended their relationship in November 2017 when Jaclyn shared a video in which she said that Social Repose had cheated on her with other women.

Ayalla Karina

After he broke up with Jaclyn, she started going out with Social Repose. They shared many photos of themselves together on social media, so it looked like they were happy together. But in 2019, Ayalla said that Social Repose was cheating on her with another woman, which led to a nasty breakup.

As of yet this much is known related to Social Repose controversies. When we get any other update we will share it with you

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