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Dell Curry Wife: A Look at His Relationship History

Dell Curry's Ex Wife

Dell Curry's Ex Wife

Dell Curry rarely draws attention to his private life. He only gets attention when he talks about his two sons, NBA players Stephen Curry and Seth Curry, who represent the Golden State Warriors and Dallas Mavericks, respectively.

Recently Dell Curry revealed something about his private life earlier in the week while speaking with the Charlotte Observer and below you will read about it.

Who is Dell Curry’s New Wife?

Curry, who spent 10 of his 16 seasons in the NBA playing for Charlotte said that he had since remarried after divorcing his first wife. Before getting married, the former NBA star and his wife Nicki Smith were dating for a while.

During the 2022 NBA Finals between the Boston Celtics and the Warriors at Chase Center, they were spotted together. Dell Curry told the Observer:

“I’d met her a couple of times. We talked on the phone for a month before I laid eyes on her. I’m like: ‘Oh, I like this girl, man. What’s going on here?’ I wasn’t going to get married again. But life is great right now. It couldn’t be better.”

No other information is available on Curry’s union with Nicki Smith, but it appears that both Dell Curry and his ex-wife have moved past their divorce from a few years ago.

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Who is Dell Curry’s Ex-Wife?

Sonya Curry is the ex-wife of Dell Curry. She was born to Cleive and Candy Adams in Radford, Virginia in 30 May 1966 and now she is 57 years old. But at this age she is looking pretty and below we provided her Instagram post in which you can see her looks:

She participated in volleyball, track & field and basketball in high school. She enrolled at Virginia Tech as a student-athlete, where she played volleyball and was named all-conference in her junior year of competition in the Metro Conference.

She graduated with a degree in education. Her closest buddy and roommate in college claimed that Adams was primarily to blame for the volleyball team’s success.

At Virginia Tech, she and Dell Curry fell in love. She was watching the men’s basketball practice during her formal recruiting visit to the university when they became aware of one another. The couple got married in 1988. But after many years of togetherness, the couple split up.

When did Dell Curry & Sonya Get Divorced?

Both Dell Curry and Sonya filed for divorce in the summer of 2021, citing “marital misconduct” as the major cause.

In November 2021, their divorce was finalized after 33 years of marriage. Both of them were accusing the other of having an affair while they were married at the same time. They issued a joint statement in which they declared their divorce. Sonya and Dell revealed:

“After exploring a trial separation over the past year and much thoughtful consideration, we have decided to end our marriage. As this comes with a great deal of sadness, our focus and desire is for our family’s continued happiness. We are so thankful for all the many blessings and successes!”

When questioned about his parents’ divorce, Stephen Curry replied he respected their decision because it was theirs alone. Along with Dell Curry’s marriage to Nicki Smith, Sonya appears to have advanced in her personal life as well. She is dating Steven Johnson, who attended the same college as Dell and Sonya in the 1980s.

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