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What Happened to “Moon and Tiko” TikTok Power Couple?

Moon and Tiko

Moon and Tiko

There are many famous couples on TikTok and Moon & Tiko is one of the favorite couples. Recently, there is a controversy related to the couple and below you will read about it.

What Happened to Moon and Tiko?

Tiko and Moon, a TikTok power couple known for their humorous and relatable content set out on an exciting journey in 2020. The global pandemic forced them to postpone their nuptials which presented a difficult twist to their wedding plans.

But in a sweet turn of events, they were finally wed in September 2020 celebrating a happy turning point in their relationship. The couple is still dedicated to creating delightful and enjoyable content for websites like TikTok and YouTube and they never fail to enchant their audience with their humor and artistic ability.

The fans of this couple continue to find inspiration in their complicated love story. Recently Moontellthat shared information in a video on her TikTok account in which she said:

“I want to say thankyou for three years my friends support my family, today the last video  for me and Tiko. I hope on the future you guys still support me and Tiko the same. You guys support us and the families.”

“I am so grateful for you guys and I relly hope that you guys don’t hate us for this or feel horrible about it too much but life has taken us different ways and I realy hope that you guys continue to support. Moon with everything that she does um being a great person she is and Tiko the same. Thank you so much my friend and sorry for about that.”

You can read her statement in a video provided below:

@moontellthat Thank you for all of the love through the years ❤️ @Tiko ♬ original sound – MOONTELLTHAT

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It is not yet revealed why she stated the above statement. When we get any information we will share it with you. Till then you can read about the couple below.

What is Moontellthat’s Real Name?

The popular Vietnamese-American content producer known as Moontellthat, whose real name is Oanh Moon Nguyen is well-known for her engaging appearances on TikTok and YouTube. She was born on February 20, 1991, in Tien Giang, Vietnam, but now resides in Los Angeles, California, in the United States.

By creating hilarious family skits and vignettes, Moontellthat gained popularity on TikTok and amassed an astounding 871K followers on Instagram. You can see one of her humorous videos in a post provided below:

She expanded her online presence by opening her YouTube channel where she currently has over 1.47 million subscribers. She is a fan favorite in the world of online content creation because of her style and distinctive use of the English language, which gives her videos a distinctive flavor.

From Which Background Did Tiko Belong?

Moontellthat and Tiko are a charming and enjoyable couple who are happily married. Tiko is of Armenian descent, whereas Moontellthat is of Vietnamese descent. When the global pandemic derailed the couple’s initial wedding plans in 2020, their path to marriage was presented with a particularly difficult obstacle.

Their family also appeared in their videos and below we provided a post in which you can see their family:

Their capacity to juggle their personal and professional lives is what distinguishes this duo. They work together to create entertaining and compelling content that connects with their online audience and gives them a more relatable and genuine online presence.

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