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Is Carmen and Corey Still Together? The Truth Revealed!

Carmen and Corey

Carmen and Corey

Carmen and Corey is a beautiful couple on social media. They run a family channel together. Fans want to know if are they both still together or not and about their kids. So, in this post, you will know the truth.

Is Carmen and Corey Still Together?

No, Corey and Carmen are not together. Carmen and Corey sit in front of the cameras in a video on the channel titled “She CHEATED…. I’m done!” and discuss the resentment that has festered over the years. You can see the video in a post provided below:

Carmen had apparently also taken a shot and chose to text someone while the two unwillingly communicated the deep end of the situation. In retribution, Corey has made the decision to end the marriage and Carmen appears to completely agree with him in this decision.

As a result, their relationship’s problems are beyond repair. Carmen has admittedly said that their children are the only good things to have resulted from their marriage.

Even though their breakup has been officially announced, the couple is still keeping the details of their separation a secret. As a result, it is still unknown if Carmen and Corey have filed for divorce. But things become even more complex when their kids are involved.

However, we continue to wish that they will be able to achieve their goals amicably and that the hostility that has caused a rift will not last for too long. We also hope that they keep setting new professional and personal records.

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Does Carmen and Corey Have Kids?

A family-focused YouTube channel is run by Carmen and Corey. They concentrate on publishing family-friendly content such as jokes, parenting stories and the highs and lows they experience together. Carmen and Corey, their son CJ and Corey’s child from a prior relationship with Ayden make up their family.

You can see their both kids in a post provided below:

We hope for their kids best future. For more information related to other sats personal life including their marriage, relationship status and more updates follow our Twitter account.

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