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New Details Emerge in Idaho Murders Case as MPD Revises Timeline

Idaho Murders Update

Idaho Murders Update

A father of one of the victims was told by the two survivors “that they allegedly had not only been awake while the killings had taken place but that they had heard everything,” as reported. According to new information, the two surviving students at the University of Idaho were awake and messaging on their phones when their four housemates were brutally murdered.

Kaylee Goncalves’s father, Steve, is the supposed source of this information. He supposedly picked up this tidbit from a member of the grand jury that decided to indict Bryan Kohberger on four charges of murder for the murders of Madison Mogen (21), Goncalves (21), Xana Kernodle (20), and Ethan Chapin (20).

“Yet Steve had been told that the two survivors allegedly had not only been awake while the killings had taken place but that they had heard everything.” More surprisingly, his grand jury sources said that the two victims were texting each other as the killer systematically carried out his killing.

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According to the story, Goncalves located a source who could shed light on the matter, but the FBI forbade him from making contact with them.

“The witness had initially reached out to the authorities through a tip line that promised to protect the identities of anyone volunteering information,” and the bureau was required to keep its word. “And, the letter went on to make clear with intimidating force, the fact that Steve was the father of one of the victims gave him no dispensation from the legal consequences accompanying tampering with a government witness.”

But authorities claimed the two ladies escaped the murders by sleeping through them six weeks later. Before suspect Bryan Kohberger’s arrest, this data was included in the daily updates distributed to the public and the press.

However, on December 30 that statement was revised after Corporal Brett Payne of the Moscow Police Department (MPD) stated in a probable cause affidavit requesting an arrest warrant for Kohberger that one of the ladies who escaped the November 13 slaughter saw someone that night.

Idaho Murders suspect Bryan Kohberger

“D.M. stated she opened her door for the third time after she heard the crying and saw a figure clad in black clothing and a mask that covered the person’s mouth and nose walking towards her,” the affidavit reads. Those details diverge from what was reported in the MPD’s daily updates on the UI murder investigation.

According to a news release from the Moscow Police Department (MPD) dated November 20:

“Detectives believe that the two surviving roommates had also been out in the Moscow community, separately, on November 12th, but returned home by 1 a.m. on November 13th.”

Neither of them awoke until much later that morning. Until December 20th, when the MPD will no longer include the investigative timeline in the daily report, the data will be provided as part of the chronology in every subsequent release. Payne claimed in his statement ten days later that one of the roommates who had survived the incident was not only awake but also might have been an eyewitness.

D.M. said, “The man was at least five feet, ten inches tall; he was not heavily muscled but was athletically built and had thick brows. According to the probable cause affidavit, the male walked passed D.M. while she stood in a “frozen shock phase.”

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The man headed for the patio entrance in the back of the house. After spotting the male, D.M. hid in her room. D.M. remained mum on whether or not she recognized the man. This suggests to detectives that the killer fled the scene of the crime.

Kohberger’s trial was supposed to begin earlier this month, but it has been postponed due to delays. He faces multiple counts of murder, each of which might result in his execution if he is found guilty.

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