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Madeline Argy Breakup: Did They Really Split Or Just Rumors?

Madeline Argy Breakup

Madeline Argy Breakup

It has been rumored that Central Cee and Madeline Argy have been dating since September 2022, but fans are beginning to wonder if the two had broken up. The couple has kept their romance mostly under wraps, except for a few cute photos they’ve posted online and an appearance or two at high-profile events.

The fact that they no longer follow one other on Instagram has prompted speculation among their fans that the couple has broken up.

Why Did Madeline Argy Breakup With Central Cee?

Although neither Central Cee nor Madeline Argy have come out and said it, there are hints of trouble in their relationship as of September 2023. Rumors about Central Cee’s new girlfriend spread after the release of his song “Doja,” bringing more attention to their previously low-key relationship on social media. Central Cee’s true name is Cench, and he fueled the rumors when he deciphered the words to his song “Doja,” which seemed to suggest his partner was bisexual.

Fans speculated that Madeline Argy, an influencer known for her storytimes and ramblings, was the girlfriend in question when she came out as bisexual. Fans speculated that Central Cee and Madeline were having relationship problems because they had unfollowed one other on Instagram.

Madeline Argy and Central Cee Unfollow Each Other on Instagram

It also looked like their social media involvement had decreased, adding fuel to the fire of rumors that they had broken up. Fans are wondering what the status of their relationship is after these events, despite the fact that no official statement has been made on the matter.

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How Long Have Madeline and Central Cee Been Dating?

There have been rumors of a split between Central Cee and Madeline Argy, who had been romantically linked since September 2022. They have kept a low profile in public about their relationship on social media, but fans have caught glimpses of them spending time together and attending high-profile events.

However, fans’ perceptions of a possible divorce have been fanned by their reduced online activity and the fact that they no longer follow each other on Instagram. Fans remain interested and optimistic about the couple’s future together despite the uncertainty surrounding their situation.

Why Central Cee and Madeline Argy Unfollow Each Other?

They are no longer Instagram followers of one another as of September 2023. The pair’s reduced social media activity has led many to speculate about a possible breakup.

“Cee Central and Madeline both stopped following each other on instagram. leave me alone unless I tell you otherwise” 

Take a look at below tweet:

Neither party has commented on the separation rumors or explained why they stopped following each other.

Ice Spice and Central Cee were Spotted Getting Close at New York Fashion Week

Madeline published a selfie of herself looking at Central Cee’s Instagram Story on the same night that the TikTok account Hypebeast uploaded a video of Central Cee performing alongside the rapper Ice Spice. Fans speculated quickly that they were dating.

Check out the below TikTok video:

The collab we want and need #NYFW #NewYorkFashionWeek #TikTokFashion #CentralCee #IceSpice #WhoDecidesWar

♬ original sound – HYPEBEAST

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