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Kittredge Park Settlement: Land Battle Comes to an End!

Jefferson County sued Romero last year in an effort to take the disputed land through “adverse possession” arguing that the land should be public property given its history as a recreational area.

Romero hired counsel, asserted that earlier surveys and maps indicated she was the rightful owner of the property and opposed the lawsuit.

Romero alleged that visitors to Kittredge Park were destroying the property she bought in 2021. But the case is now settled and in this post you will get all the information related to its settlement.

What is the Result of Kittredge Park Settlement?

A settlement between Jefferson County and landowner Taralyn Romero puts an end to a land battle in the mountain community of Kittredge.

The tiny hamlet of Kittredge, which was divided over who truly owned land where a popular creek is located has announced a settlement between the county administration and a landowner who maintained her rights.

Nearly a year after Taralyn Romero barred the public from Bear Creek, Jefferson County and Romero reached a deal that was welcomed by both parties as a “win-win.”

Kittredge Park Settlement

Reports revealed Romero will receive a payment of $250,000 from the county as part of the settlement and the contested creek access area will formally become a part of Kittredge Parkland.

The same beach location, which has served as a dependable recreation place for the past 35 years will still remain open to the public. A statement from the county says:

“We are pleased to announce that Jefferson County and Ms. Romero have settled the Kittredge Park boundary dispute related to access to Bear Creek from the park. This settlement honors the long history of public use of this beloved area while respecting the concerns of adjacent property owners.”

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What Will Happen After the Settlement?

To generate new property deeds for Romero and Kittredge Park, Jefferson County and the Evergreen Park and Recreation District wi survey the area as part of the agreement. They’ll erect fences to distinguish between private and public lands.

Romero gained a sizable and sympathetic social media following from those who believed she was being targeted by the local government and community who wanted to take her private land, even as she became the despised town outcast.

Kittredge Park

In front of thousands of her followers, Romero recorded some park visitors calling names and making rude statements.  Romero said of the agreement:

“It truly is the minority of people who cause problems. The majority of people are good. I want them to have something they love which is known as the ‘beach,’ and I ended up getting beach prices for it. Hopefully we can all be happy and move on.”

However, community members like Jimmy Dickson see the settlement as a means of ending the hostility.  Dickson said:

“People’s connection to nature, connection to water is very important. Hopefully it’ll turn out all right.”

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